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Click above to print or view our annual membership application. 

2018/2019 Membership Year   Oct 1, 2018 - Sept 30, 2019

Annual Membership Fee is $225.

State Board Oversight Fee @ $4.75 per irrigated acre.

Total Membership Dues = Annual Membership Fee +State Board Oversight Fee

Please make checks payable to : 


P.O. Box 1235

Lincoln, CA 95648



The new Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (waterboard) Waste Discharge Order for the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program was approved March 2014. As a result, there were many regulatory requirements added to the PNSSNS Subwatershed Group including increased levels of regulations, plans and reporting requirements including a groundwater report and testing. This has dramatically increased the costs throughout the northern Sacramento Valley, foothill and mountain areas for  the members. For the 2018/2019 PNSSNS membership year, the State Water Quality Board approved yet another increase in acreage fees and the Central Valley Water Board increased more requirements which has resulted in increase fees to our members. PNSSNS strives to keep the lowest possible costs and membership fees as allowable.
PNSSNS is a 501c3 non-profit and collects money from the members to pay for the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program as required.
As part of the new Waste Discharge Order, all members are required to complete and sign a one time Notice of Confirmation (NOC) to join the Irrigated Lands Program and also complete and sign a Farm Evaluation Plan (FEP) annually. These plans must be returned to PNSSNS to be in compliance but please keep a copy for your records. The FEPs stay with PNSSNS. If members are ever contacted by the Regional Water Board, as part of your membership, you can contact PNSSNS for assistance.
Notice of Confirmation (NOC) 2019
Notice of Confirmation-PNSSNS 5-15-19.pd[...]
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Farm Evaluation Plan -- >  Next Due 2022

Farm Evaluation Plan (FEP)
Farm Evaluation Amended 8-26-16.pdf
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Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP)
Sediment and Erosion Control Plan.pdf
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SECP - Options to Certify - Instructions
SECP options to certify.pdf
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The Regional Water Board is actively looking for those not in compliance and sending fine letters to those people that have not joined or are not in compliance with the Waste Discharge Order.


PNSSNS provides education and outreach for best management practices with irrigation, pesticide and nutrient applications in order to minimize soil erosion and to continue to protect water quality.


Contact PNSSNS if you have any questions: or  916-645-1774


Click below to print the Nitrogen Management Plan Survey. 


Nitrogen Management Plan Survey.pdf
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