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Placer - Nevada - South Sutter - North Sacramento (PNSSNS) Subwatershed Group

PNSSNS is a group of farmers and ranchers working together to be in compliance with water quality regulations while advocating on your behalf.  The PNSSNS seven member board meets monthly, reviews water quality results and regulatory policy and proposals. The PNSSNS Board may not be in favor of the regulatory policy but aims to keep our members abreast of new developments while being in compliance. The PNSSNS membership year runs from October 1st through September 30th each year.


Under the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Waste Discharge Order approved March 2014, all individuals or businesses that are engaged in commercial agriculture and irrigate land for production are either required to join PNSSNS Subwatershed Group for coverage under the Order or to apply directly to the Regional Board. Individuals or businesses under the definition can apply as an individual and test the water quality and comply with the Order on their own but this is VERY expensive. Typically, if you file Schedule F on the IRS 1040 form, you are engaged in commercial agriculture. Please call PNSSNS if you have any questions.


The new Waste Discharge Order increased levels of regulations, plans and reporting requirements including a groundwater monitoring and report. This has dramatically increased the costs throughout the Sacramento Valley. PNSSNS is a 501c3 non-profit and collects money to pay for the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program as required.


Annually, all members are required to complete a NITROGEN MANAGEMENT PLAN which records nitrogen applied and the crop yield at the end of the growing season. Please keep these plans in your files. If we have contacted you and you are in a High Vulnerability Area (HVA), then you must submit this data to the PNSSNS office via email or mail at the end of the growing season.


The Regional Water Board is actively looking for those not in compliance and sending fine letters to those people that have not joined or are not in compliance with the Waste Discharge Order.


PNSSNS is highly encouraging all members to complete a Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP) via the template found under Membership tab above.  Members can "self-certify" their sediment plans by completing the NEW online course found at Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) Grower Self-Certification Training.


Once the short online course is completed, there is a short test and a certificate will be awarded when you pass the test. Please print out the certificate for your records to demonstrate your "self-certification" for your Sediment and Erosion Control  Plan.  There are professionals that can also complete the Sediment and Erosion Control Plans  for you and your operation. Applied Engineering and Geology (AEG) whose owner is also a member of PNSSNS can assist you among other professionals. AEG's phone number is 916-645-6014 in Lincoln.


PNSSNS provides education and outreach for best management practices with irrigation, pesticide and nutrient applications, minimizing soild erosion and protecting water quality.  Additional membership applications and forms can be found on this website or by calling 916-645-1774.


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President's Message 2019
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Meet our Board of Directors
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Map of Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition area & test sites
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Map of PNSSNS Subwaterwhed Group area & test sites
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PNSSNS By-laws w sig.PDF
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ILRP Outreach Brochure in English
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ILRP Outreach Brochure in Spanish
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ILRP Outreach Brochure in Punjabi
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Annual Reporting Requirements in English
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Annual Reporting Requirements in Punjabi
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Does My Property Need Coverage - decision tree in English
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