New Membership Forms

As part of the Waste Discharge Order, all new members are required to complete and sign one time the PNSSNS Membership Form and the Notice of Confirmation (NOC) Form to join the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program.

2023-2024 PNSSNS Membership Form
2023-24 PNSSNS Membership Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [84.2 KB]
Notice of Confirmation (NOC)
Notice of Confirmation-PNSSNS updated.pd[...]
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Invoices are mailed out in November each year. Payments are due no later than December 15th.
If a payment is late, then there will be a 15% late fee applied to your invoice. 


Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan Summary Reports --> All members must report the amount of nitrogen applied to crops or pasture for the season. 

Due no later than Feb 1, 2024 for the 2023 crop year. 
Remember, this is NOT the total pounds or quantity of fertilizer, only the nitrogen portion of the fertilizer applied.

Example:    If you use 16 -20-0 fertilizer, and you apply 100 lbs/acre, the first number is the Nitrogen amount 16%, so 16% x 100 pounds is 16 pounds of nitrogen applied per acre.


Four important questions need to be answered on the annual INMP Summary Report: 

  1. What type of irrigation system do you use (flood, sprinkler, drip, micro-sprinkler, etc)
  2. How much nitrogen applied per acre (lbs/acre) and how many acres farmed for that crop/parcel. If zero nitrogen added, enter a zero.
  3. What was your crop yield, even if you didn't apply nitrogen this year, please complete the total yield PER ACRE, in lbs, tons or other
  4. If one or more of your parcels are designated High Vulnerability (HVA) for potential leaching of nitrogen, then either you must self-certify your parcels to certify the reporting, OR  have your certified CCA, PCA, UCCE Crop Advisor, etc. certify on your behalf.
You can complete the required reporting on your online account at:

If you need your username and password, or would like to assistance with reporting, please call or email us. If you would like to submit a paper copy form of your reporting, you can send it by mail or email. 

Office Phone: (530) 673-6550

Email Address:

Mailing Address: PO Box 93 
                              Yuba City, CA 95992

Physical Address: 475 N. Palora Ave, Suite A 
                                Yuba City, CA 95991

Call or email PNSSNS with any questions or assistance. The Irrigation and Nitrogen Report (INMP) is required to be completed annually as part of the requirements for the Regional Waterboard's Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP). Your cooperation annually is appreciated!


Nitrogen Summary Report
Updated INMP Summary Report.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [930.2 KB]
Nitrogen Planning Worksheet - NOT required to be sent to PNSSNS
INMTP Workbook for self-cert training se[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.5 MB]
Nitrogen HVA Member - Parcel List 8/8/22
Adobe Acrobat document [278.3 KB]
Nitrogen Management Plan Survey (includes worksheet)
Adobe Acrobat document [226.5 KB]
UCCE Nitrogen Management Educational Presentation
_2020 UCCE Nitrogen Mgmt BMPs.pdf
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Sediment and Erosion Control Plan


If your parcels require a Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP), then you can click below to print the forms. 
The completed SECP forms are to be kept in your files onsite. You do not submit these to PNSSNS.

Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP)
Sediment and Erosion Control Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [574.0 KB]
SECP - Options to Certify - Instructions
SECP options to certify.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [190.6 KB]

PNSSNS is highly encouraging all members to complete a Sediment and Erosion Control Plan (SECP).  Members can "self-certify" their sediment plans by completing the online course during certain times found at Irrigating Lands Regulatory Program (IRLP) Grower Self-Certification Training.


Once the short online course is completed, there is a short test and a certificate will be awarded when you pass the test. Please print out the certificate for your records to demonstrate your "self-certification" for your Sediment and Erosion Control Plan.

The Regional Water Board is actively looking for those not in compliance and sending fine letters to those people that have not joined or are not in compliance with the Waste Discharge Order. PNSSNS provides education and outreach for best management practices with irrigation, pesticide and nutrient applications in order to minimize soil erosion and to continue to protect water quality.


Contact PNSSNS if you have any questions: or 530-673-6550

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